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C5 Broadband Communications is a Canadian based service provider offering voice services over broadband IP (Internet Protocol). The company has developed significant expertise using existing technology to deliver voice services over high speed internet.

The next stage in the company’s growth is a strategy to expand its offering by leveraging those technologies and expertise to include an offering for small and medium sized business customers and consumers with significant long distance costs. The company delivers an extremely cost effective alternative to traditional voice services currently offered by the phone companies. Using their existing broadband cable, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and Satellite internet connections, customers will be able to dramatically reduce their line and long distance costs while enjoying the same complete suite of services available through traditional phone companies.

The company will market its offerings primarily through some existing Cable, DSL and Satellite Internet service providers who will drive additional revenues by bundling the service in with its core offerings. These internet providers are especially interested in the offering as the way to fill a gap they have in marketplace for consumer and SOHO based phones services. This gap has been identified as a competitive disadvantage for the cable providers and all have stated their intentions to enter the market over the next 2 years. This provides C5 Broadband Communications with a key opportunity to become the provider of choice to some cable companies by providing them with a path to launch services very quickly with a proven solution. The various phone companies will also move rapidly towards offering VOIP solutions because of the pricing pressures and convenience that VOIP provides.

For the Emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa and South America, C5 Broadband Communications will leverage its close partnerships with leading Satellite operators such as C-Com Satellite, to provide leading edge technology to mobile and fixed locations. And complement these services with content, such as Voice, Data and Video.

As a service offering, the company will benefit from a highly scalable, subscription based business model. Infrastructure, service provision and support costs can be predicted based on the number of users. Sales and marketing programs will be targeted primarily at engaging with the cable and phone companies who will then create and deploy their own programs to target businesses and consumers, many of which are already customers of other products and services.

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Maple Leaf has been the supplier for several projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain