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Tower Rescue Emergency Module

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Tower Rescue Emergency Module

TREM (Tower Rescue Emergency Module) Concept is presenting the first solutions to the world for building rescue system TREM.

We have included in this document information and some reference pictures to help you understanding the applications of the TREM, this self-explanatory material are design for fire fighter & consulting engineering firms for simplifying the concept .

Life-Saving Shuttle "TREM"

If, in business time is money, then in time of catastrophe, time is the deciding factor between life and death. It is for this reason that SSTREM Industries develop the first lifesaving tall building Shuttle, in the world.

The shuttle is named "TREM", and also has the abbreviated form for "Tower Rescue Emergency Module" and will be used as the only possible rescue tools in case of high rise fires (current fire equipment stops at 5 floors or 61 feet). The "TREM" is selfpropelled by a small gasoline engine, eliminating any requirements for electricity. If the engine fails, the "TREM" Shuttle can return to the ground safely solely by gravity.

Construction Industry

Maple Leaf has been the supplier for several projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain