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The Water Clinic: Saskatoon, Canada

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The Water Clinic: Saskatoon, Canada

The Water Clinic manufactures a vending machine for dispensing fresh clean drinking water. These units can be set-up to dispense upon payment by coins or tokens, or upon pushing an activation button. The actual water processing equipment is situated in a separate small room with connection to regular municipal water; after processing, which is tailored to the input water quality, treated water is pumped for storage in the vending machine reservoir. Ideally suited to the hospitality industry for dispensing high quality water on demand. Also has potential for installation in retail environments, such as petrol stations, grocery stores, pharmacies, and the like. Units to about 4,000 litres per day (based on 12 hours of vending). Also, other water treatment products.

Construction Industry

Maple Leaf has been the supplier for several projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain