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BACKGROUND Canadian Rockport has developed, from 30 years of research and development, the technology and methodology for the continuous manufacture of housing and other structures whereby fabricated concrete modules are formed and then completely serviced (doors, windows, plumbing, sanitary ware, wiring, lighting, painting, flooring, cupboards, mouldings, etc.) in a manufacturing plant environment, increasing quality control, reliability, and speed-to-delivery without any cost penalty

. Finished manufactured elements are loaded on a transport at the plant and delivered to a building site (economical distance will vary, but up to 200 km and greater is possible), where a crane lifts each module in place and workers weld and bolt the modules together. A typical house is completely finished a day or less, and a large house in under two days.

The technology is suitable for social housing, villas of any size, apartment blocks to 5 storey (with a potential to engineer to 16 storey), and other similar structures. Design possibilities are limited only by the imagination, within the constraints of a maximum single-room dimension of 5m x 7m x 3m and the shape of the modules. BUSINESS MODEL Canadian Rockport seeks one or more local partners with whom to form ventures to build structures for a local market.

Canadian Rockport seeks one or more local partners with whom to form ventures to build structures for a local market.

Before undertaking to erect a plant, Canadian Rockport requires a bankable contract from the local partner or others for sufficient plant production (i.e. for so many square metres of finished modules to be delivered each month for a sufficient number of months) to create the conditions necessary for arranging financing for the plant and for justifying Canadian Rockport’s participation.

With this bankable contract in place, Canadian Rockport arranges financing and erects a manufacturing plant, then once the plant is operational provides plant management under contract.

The local partner(s) is/are responsible for providing the land for the plant and obtaining/ maintaining all permitting and licensing.

Canadian Rockport may, or may not, participate in any associated real estate development, depending on the arrangement between it and the local partner(s).The venture or the local partner(s), or another jv partner, may be directly responsible for urbanization and site infrastructure at the construction sites under development, and also for on-site assembly, or these may be sub-contracted.

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Maple Leaf has been the supplier for several projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain